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WHO ARE WE? is Malaysia's young leading e-retail company in the baby industry. has been founded and established since 2015. Since then, the company has been growing everyday, constantly learning new skills and technology to bring convenience to young parents. meets parent's expectations every day by understanding their needs. Therefore we consistently improve ourself and bring the latest products from all over the world and direct from the factory to secure a good cost. 

In the first quarter of 2019, our director is selected to be one of the 90 entrepreneurs and business leaders from Malaysia who graduated from the first edition of the Alibaba Netpreneur Training Malaysia Programme, a joint initiative by Alibaba Business School, MDEC, Matrade, and SME Corp Malaysia. By then we improve our business as well our mission, vision, value, strategy, and culture inspired by Alibaba. We are confident to bring a positive impact to society, grow the digital economy as well as contribute to communities.



To ease every parenting journey with a new retail shopping experience by using technology. People are different by their need is the same. 



To Deliver WOW & Happiness. Happy Parent, Happy Child. 


8 years in the FMCG industry, Jamie enjoyed a life with high pay, traveling around the world, hanging out with friends doing crazy things, enjoy life to the max because of #YOLO. Things changed when she got married, left her job, and settled down with her husband in Kelantan. While the quaint, small town of Kuala Krai was a relief from the bustling capital, Jamie began to feel restless without the usual influx of work emails, Whatsapp messages, and super calm lifestyle. Jamie is an adventurous girl. Before this, she starts her first business, a travel and tour company which was eventually sold off due to partnership issues. She proceeded to try her hand in other ventures which included a café, a mall cart selling cosmetics, and a catering business which did not work out.

Jamie sank into depression. “In my desperation, I even consulted feng shui masters who told me I could only make money working for others, but not if I was self-employed. My neighbor suggested that I should have a child so that I would have ‘loads to do’. Feeling desperate, I considered getting a job so I could feel like I was contributing instead of sitting at home all day.”

But Jamie wasn’t ready to give up on her entrepreneurial ambitions. She lost all her savings and felt like a failure. With a small capital of RM500, Jamie opened up her first online store in 2015, selling everything from toilet signs, cosmetics, bags, clothes, shoes from HOME. Not long after, she got pregnant but was determined to stay motivated and develop the business by attended workshops and training, all the way until she was 38 weeks along!

After giving birth, Jamie noticed that baby products were doing well in her store and decided to direct her focus on this category. Shortly after giving birth, she started her store Baby Mart grew rapidly. As a busy mum, Jamie herself was constantly on the lookout for baby products and was unsatisfied with those available in the market. “My husband was often away for work, leaving me and baby at home. I needed a solution that would allow me to be by my baby’s side while running my business. This inspired me to launch her own line of baby carriers, EZBABY Ergonomic Baby Carriers.”

Through running her online store, Jamie is constantly learning new skills and becoming more technology savvy. She also re-invested her earnings towards photography equipment for better quality product photos. She also hired a team and secured a larger warehouse.

“Digital entrepreneurship gave me the flexibility to be with family and manage my business through my smartphone from wherever I am. This is the freedom I have been searching for and by continuing what I do, I know I can only go up from here. The whole experience made me feel like a new person. I now realize that I have the strength to not just give up and stand up for what I believe in, but to get to that point, I needed to live my life to its fullest potential and love myself first.” from Jamie.



Quality Control
We ensure you that our main focus will be on the quality of the products. We will make sure that customers get the best quality from us. The customer always our first priority. 

Friendly Customer Service
We won't serve customers with an attitude of “because-this-is-my-job”. We'll make sure customers will feel comfortable throughout their shopping. If they require our assistance during their shopping, we'll provide them the best support they can find online.

How to contact us?
If you have any doubts/suggestions/comments about us, our products or our site, do not hesitate to contact us! We can be contacted through or call us at 011-11112088 (9am - 7pm) (Monday to Friday) (Off on Saturday & Sunday).

We'll get back to you within 24 hours​.

Safe to Shop with us.